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MyTF is a custom-built web application that streamlines Transitional Facility document handling  and provides users with real time visibility over import operations. It seamlessly matches the actions taken by users with the documents that authorised their actions, saving any guesswork.

MyTF reduces the risk of non-conformances by clearly showing Transitional Facility users the MPI status of shipments, displaying which shipments are currently under action, and which have been released. It electronically files away the supporting documents and forms in a way that matches how auditors will ask to see them.

The feature-rich system provides everything you need to pass a document audit, storing manuals, training records, maintenance documents, or whatever other documents you need, and giving helpful reminders when things need your attention.

Save yourself time and worry with MyTF.




At the core of MyTF is your shipment manager database – the ultimate transitional facility document organiser. Users create shipments by inputting basic details, then uploading files related to the shipment using a simple drag and drop feature. As the status of the shipment changes, users update the status on the shipment screen. It’s hard to get things wrong, as users are prompted to upload evidence of each status change, so come audit time, all the documents are right where they should be.

Once you have started creating shipments you will notice that the MyTF home screen displays which of your shipments have been released, and which still require an action, so you can quickly reconcile your warehouse and yard with what should be out there, keeping you on top of any potential issues.

Save time and paperwork by completing log-sheet records for sea and air containers by filling out  forms on screen.

MyTF is more than an expert shipment tracker, it’s a complete transitional facility management tool. Effortlessly upload your Transitional Facility Operating Manual (it archives previous versions automatically), internal and external audit records, staff training records, pest, weed and quarantine waste records, and set up reminders to let you know when these come due. This allows you to take that old folder off the shelf, and impress auditors with a truly “auditable” system. 




MyTF allows users to assess the status of shipments (and other transitional facility related processes) quickly and easy – reducing the opportunity for mistakes to occur. 

A feature allowing Operators to extract data out of MyTF provides a great performance reporting tool for management, and the logging feature is invaluable for traceback in the event of a non-compliance or investigation.


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In this age it seems unacceptable to have to wait to get into the office to file documents or provide instructions for staff. MyTF is available anywhere there is internet access, allowing you to immediately check on urgent shipments, upload BACCs from your email as they arrive, or simply snap a photo of one of those easy to lose documents on your phone or tablet.

Get the whole team on the same page, as whenever you make an update, all the MyTF users at your site will be able to see it straight away. No more unwarranted shipment delays or paperwork lost on desks – welcome to the future with MyTF!  


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MyTF is the brainchild of a qualified lead auditor, who previously held roles auditing Transitional Facilities for MPI. From this unique perspective, MyTF not only gives great visibility to prevent mistakes, but also excellent auditability, providing access to documents in a way in which the auditor is likely to ask for them.  Search features make shipment tracking a breeze, and drop down menus, in page branching and mandatory fields remove common non-compliances such as handwriting errors, ticking the wrong box, or failure to complete a section.

All this leads to better compliance outcomes and shorter audits, saving your company not just time, stress and worry, but audit fees as well.


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Tree Loving

Good biosecurity means looking out for the environment. MyTF provides a paperless way to store all the documents required to manage an efficient, compliant Transitional Facility. Become an environmental warrior and sign up to MyTF today!